"Thank You For the Extraordinary Level of Support!"

Not only were you immediately responsive, you also went that estra mile into the evening to ensure that we were once again operational within hours.  Having our IT communications systems up and running is critical to our business - and it is great to know that we have a resource like your company to depend on when technical matters don't cooperate.  Many Thanks, Jim!
- Celeste Bishop, President, Bishop Market Resources

"Computer Consultant Extraordinaire!".

Jim Hood is an amazingly savy computer consultant that has saved me hours of agony trying to go it alone.  Do not hesitate; hire Jim Hood immediately and go home tonight knowing that your computers are in good hands."
- Robert Boccabella, Business Design Services

"Recently Jim Informed Me That His Business May Have Expertise That Could Help My Business. Boy! Was He Right About That!

Jim has corrected myriad computer problems in my office.  He has provided immediate and excellent emergency solutions when our computer system "went down".  He has upgraded the performance and reliability of my office network, developed a backup strategy and solution, developed an awesome web site for my office and has done all of these things for a very reasonable, and affordable, cost.  I highly recommend Jim for any computer related problems, repairs, networking, backup, and website development issues which you may have."  

- Richard B. Boyle, Optometrist

"I Highly Recommend Jim"

I have worked with Jim Hood for more than six years and I cannot recommend him more highly.  I own and operate a small call center in Santa Rosa and for six years Jim has managed all of my IT systems.  When my business underwent an extensive technology upgrade Jim managed the entire project.  It involved a vast variety of system implementations including specifying and outfitting our server room, enabling and monitoring the installation of new software and hardware, managing all computer work stations, network printers, installing video surveillance systems, and preparing backup systems.

With Jim's vast technical knowledge he was able to understand and manage every project I had.  He is thorough and accurate, and provided me with clear and complete process documentation making it easy to manage my networks.  I highly recommend Jim.
- Cheri Tamo, President/C.E.O., Hartley and Associates

"With Jim, Our Technological Issues Decreased to a Point of Near Non-existence!"

Our firm subcontracted Jim Hood to fulfill our Information Technology needs at our Northern California office.  The list of tasks Jim performed for us was endless.  He coordinated with our IT department at our corporate office in Colorado to complete on-site support tasks ranging from individual computer maintenance and service, to working with our servers, VoIP phone system and all other communications technologies on an as-needed basis.

When our corporate office went through a hardware/software update that caused many IT issues in our local office, Jim was able to effectively communicate with a number of different parties (usually at the same time while on speakerphone crouched down in a small closet!) to quickly solve our issues and get us back up and running in a timely manner.

Though we were not his only client, Jim always displayed an awareness and dedication to our company, as well as a personal pride in the success and continued health of our computer network.  We have had IT managers on our company's payroll in the past, but none of them ever displayed the proficiency or commitment that Jim Hood brought to his job.   Our technological issues have decreased to a point of near non-existence.  Jim's vast knowledge, steadfast resolve and keen interpersonal skills make him a valuable asset.  
- Hilary Richards, California Operations Manager, National Meter & Automation, Inc.

"Jim Was a Breath of Fresh Air and With His Wealth of Knowledge Was Able to Streamline Our Equipment and Internal Processes Very Quickly"

Jim has provided outstanding IT service for us for the past 5 years.  We are a non-profit organization providing complex financial, personnel and benefit services to over 400 churches and organizations, relying on a sophisticated network of computers and servers being continually updated, protected and backed up.  Up until securing Jim's services, we had difficulties within our IT environment and with past consultants, causing extra cost, frustration and lost productivity for our staff.  Jim was a breath of fresh air and, with his easy style and wealth of knowledge, was able to streamline our equipment and internal processes very quickly.

The professionalism, confidence and expertise that Jim brought to us enabled him to communicate with all levels of staff as well as our software programmers and IT vendors.  This in turn gave us the confidence we needed to effectively run our services and provide excellent customer service.  Jim Hood is a formidable asset to any organization looking for a highly skilled, service oriented, Information Technology professional. 

- Ann Butterfield, Director of Business Services, Synod of the Pacific.