Essential Care provides proactive, 24x7 remote monitoring and remediation preventative maintenance services for desktops, laptops, and servers for an affordable, flat-rate monthly fee.  This program heads off computer and server problems before they get to be big with extensive downtime and repair expense.  Our goal is to deliver a more reliable IT infrastructure, a more productive workforce, and an IT environment that's helping your business be successful.

The Essential Care program consists of DesktopHealth for desktop and laptop computers, and ServerHealth for servers.   A Help Desk service can optionally be included.

The remote preventative maintenance and remediation performed by DesktopHealth and ServerHealth heads off many common computer and server problems caused by malware, internal data and Internet debris accumulation, incompatible software, log overflows, and other internal conditions.

A Tailored, Integrated Solution is the Best Choice

At Intellis, we start by understanding your business goals, and how your technology is helping, or hindering, you from reaching these goals.  Then we determine what technologies and solutions are best suited for your business so you can work more productively, profitably, and securely. 

With the breadth of our Essential Care and Total Care proactive managed services programs, and our Protector backup and disaster recovery programs, we can tailor solutions to exactly fit the needs of your business.      

MANAGED Services Overview



Total Care provides all the Essential Care proactive, 24x7 remote monitoring and remediation preventative maintenance services listed above plus unlimited Free Break/Fix Labor, and other free services, such as free consulting and project labor, to help make your IT systems as reliable and productive as possible.

Total Care


Protector provides secure, automated, remote backups to protect valuable business data.  If disaster strikes, in the form of a natural event, fire, flooding, sabotage, or even simple employee error, you'll be able to recover faster and easier.  Protector includes Disaster Recovery Plans & Procedures to help guide you to rapid recovery. 

For servers, Protector can provide server virtualization which will result in very rapid replacement of your server and data if your server  is ever lost due to catastrophic failure, theft, fire, flooding, or other disasters.  


Essential Care


Optional Help Desk

Intellis U..S.-based Help Desk helps you get a better return on your time by taking responsibility for the everyday computer issues you face with a fast response time.  Help Desk serves as the perfect companion to your local Intellis IT support team.  If the Help Desk cannot resolve the issue remotely, your local Intellis IT team will be notified to make arrangements with you to fix the problem locally. 

Help Desk support hours options include usual business hours, after hours, and 24x7.