and has established IT partner and trusted technical advisor relationships with dozens of small to mid-sized businesses.
Owner and president of Intellis in Santa Rosa, California, Jim has a lifelong understanding of computers and communications systems.  His childhood fascination with resistors, capacitors and ham radio led to a BS in Electrical Engineering, and then to a Master's in Electrical Engineering from Stanford.  For over 30 years, Jim has designed and developed computer and communications systems and networks as an R&D specialist at IBM/Rolm and Hewlett-Packard, and he's been actively involved in numerous high tech communications and software development firms.

Jim trained his expert eye on the small to mid-sized business market and saw a real opportunity to share his expertise in Information Technology (IT) with companies that could not usually afford their own IT departments.  In 2005 Jim started providing IT services and solutions in the San Francisco North Bay
Our Company

Intellis specializes in IT services and solutions for small businesses.  As your trusted IT partner, we listen carefully to your IT requirements for your business and then tailor a specific set of affordable IT solutions for you.  We have solutions spanning a single computer to a multi-server environment with dozens of client computers. 

Scaled To Fit Small Businesses
Large companies often spend millions on their IT systems, and have entire departments to maintain them.  Small businesses may not have that kind of money to spend, but all businesses need reliable, fast and efficient technology.  As we all know, a computer crash, a phone system problem or a software glitch can stop a business dead in its tracks, or at the very least, frustrate employees and interfere with their workflow.  As President Jim Hood puts it, "Bad systems take time and money away from businesses...but we can give all of that back.  We can act as their IT department, as a one-stop shop for a company's computers, hardware, networks, phones, wiring, software, virus protection, security, backup and disaster that small businesses can do their real work.  We can handle manufacturer's warranty issues, because what business owner has time to sit on the phone waiting to talk to a technician who's probably working from a script?  We can help businesses be more successful, more streamlined, more productive, and more profitable.  And we can save them money, because all of our services are tailored to their exact needs."   

Your Own Affordable IT Department

President Jim Hood's experience in engineering, IT, and R&D help him make quick, smart decisions about your IT systems.  He knows what works and what doesn't, what size your IT system should be, which software packages would work best for you and how best to protect your data, your system, and your network.  He can also help you organize secure and reliable business networks in different locations, and even in different countries.  Jim and his team of experienced system and network administrators provide expertise in all areas of IT systems and devices.  Intellis delivers expertise and tech support that you might not even be able to find in a large company's dedicated IT department.

Intellis offers many different packages, including the Essential Care and the Total Care Preventative Service programs and the Protector Backup and Disaster Recovery program.  Each offers options for the level of service your business needs, and, of course, Intellis can custom design a program for your unique needs.  Jim says, "Our focus is all about honesty, integrity and creating a long-term relationship based on our expertise and capabilities.  We take pride in our ingenuity, our reliability and the trust we build by doing our absolute best for each one of our clients.  I take our position as a technical advisor and IT professional very seriously, because I know how vital phone, computer and network systems are.  We are proud to say that we offer a complete set of solutions to support small businesses in becoming as successful as possible."  

Jim Hood, President